studio web-design

Welcome! We are a team of web designers - Kolya and Vika, we develop convenient and functional websites.

/01 briefing
Call with the client, determine the goals and objectives of the site. Filling out the brief.
/03 prototyping
/05 layout
We transfer the design to the website. Adaptable for all devices. Setting up animations. Add html/css/js.
/02 analysis
We conduct a detailed analysis of competitors' websites. We decide on the content.
/04 design
Determining the mood board of the site. We carry out the design project in Figma. We approve the design.
We design a sitemap of the site. Creating a block website prototype in Figma.
/06 site setup
We transfer the site to your personal account. We make the final settings.
we don't miss a single chance to make your website better
from $300
Landing page
A website consisting of a single page that contains all the information about a company, product or service.
~7 days
from $1000
A website for the sale of goods or services, including: connection of the payment system, shopping cart, catalog, navigation, filters, search.
~18 days
from $500
A site with a complex structure - up to 6 unique pages connected to each other.
~14 days
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